Start/stop recording remotely


I just downloaded webcamxp, and connected my logitech webcam to it. Works Fine!
I made the website embed wizard, worked fine!

But i need to record the videos too. Is it possible to remotely start and stop recording the video?
i got the buttons on the windows app(capture and record), but i would like to do the same functionality
on the website i embedded the video.

Thx in advance


You can enable remote administration, create an admin account and then do this remotely through the web interface.

However for better remote control, you can also consider moving to Netcam Studio that offers mobile application and is more conveniant for controlling remotely.

I downloaded webcamXp and have 2 usb cameras hooked can i log into remotely to the server?You have no documentation on anything on how this program works.There is no place to set admin and password in the free webcamxp program.Is this disabled in the free program?

Hi! As the admin above I would also recommend you to use Netcam Studio instead. It is better and have a better remote control. The non registered version includes 2 sources.