Status Bar Format Variables Question

Hi all;

What is the difference between $fps and $pfps?

Is there an official list of variables I can inject into my ‘Status Bar Format:’ overlay? so far I’ve discovered $sourcename and $date beyond $time and the two fps related.

Thanks so much!

Good question :wink: We have worked a lot with the program and the documentation hasn´t changed in the same pace.
$fps: is the frames per second from the source.
$pfps: is the processed frames per second from a source. For overlay etc. there is no need to process all frames coming from the source. It will only increase the cpu load.

$time has also changed and now we have $time, $time-eu and $time-us.


Ok, so really $pfps is what I’m actually experiencing with say the javascript jpeg output, when I generate html; I created custom webpage to scale and show my cams. Thanks Henrik!