Still images from my IP camera for weather web site

I recently thought that I would add my weather page from my own web site to one or other of the online weather sites. Trouble is, I am running a feed via Netcam Studio from my IP camera (live) but the online weather sites are asking for still images and the interval between captures. I cannot see how to achieve this, or even if it’s possible.

Can anyone bring me up to speed on this please ?? Thanks

Do a right-click on the camera image. Select Configure features and select ftp upload. There you can upload still image to an ftp site.

Many thanks. Will this set the stills facility independently of the video or will it change the camera function from video to stills output as I would like to retain the video stream?? Thanks

Just test! They work independent.

Thank you for that response … however, it is very superficial and the documentation in part does not match the actuality of the program. Additionaly DROPBOX is now a fully paid program (no option for testing using the free option).
Additionally, not everyone is a superbrain and so some detailed assistance might be in order rather than scarcastic comment.

Do a right-click on the mouse pointing on the video/camera you want a picture uploaded from and select Configure Features. Then you have this

1.Click on FTP Upload Settings.
2.Click on Add new.
3.The information within the red frame is available from the organisation hosting the FTP server to which you want to upload a picture. There are several FTP protocols so make sure to get the correct one.
4.Select file name. This is something you should discuss with the owner of the FTP server (web site) to get it right.
5.Select how often Netcam Studio will upload a picture from the camera.

Good luck,