Stop service but NCS still running

Occasionally when I stop the NCS service, I find that I cannot restart it again. Upon checking Task Manager, I still NCS is still running and that is preventing the service being restarted. I have to manually end the NCS task from within Task Manager before I can successfully restart the service again.

I am currently using NCS 1.8.1 but this issue also existed in previous versions too. This should be very simple to fix - I suspect that this is a classic case of threads not being shut down correctly.

In versions 1.5 or 1.6 we had this problem, but not now. You are the only one just now so I am not sure what to expect. I am start/stopping several times per day with no problem. I will keep an eye open if this happens. Only classical suggestion is a clean installation, but then also remove the Service.

Hi Henrik,

This issue is not easy to reproduce. I have a script from an automated task that turns off the service if I am at home and turns off the service when I am away from home. It is using Event Ghost software which upon detection of my phone’s Bluetooth, it will turn off the service if the Bluetooth is within range and turns on the service if out of range.

I see the issue when my webcam’s light is on and that is when I realised the service has been turned off but NCS ls still running.

Hi again,
Considering what I wrote earlier and so far no one else have this problem I would say it is something local. This is very difficult for us to reproduce. Apart from the very nice application you have it involves several steps. To make this “work” there must be at least two instances/processes of NCS running at the same time which I am not sure is possible. So check that.
If webcam light is on and NCS service is running it´s not ben turned off?