Storage Question - server/cpu capacity


Would the speed of the HDD Storage have an effect on the FPS? Since moving to the new server (with a stronger CPU) it seems like the average fps is actually slower. Where I used to get 4-5 fps I am lucky if the cameras ever go above 2 fps.

The storage drives went from 7.5k rpm to 10K rpm.

Not going from 7 to 10k. But check the disk access if it´s on 100% all the time. I am only using HDD 5400 rpm with no problems. What is a stronger CPU? CPU load?

I think I found my issue.

The new server is a Dual CPU machine… with only 1 CPU :persevere:
The old machine had a 8 core 3.3HGz CPU, the new server has a 4 core 2.39GHz… BUT it should have 2 of them * facepalm *
Let me get another CPU in there 1st :smile: Once that is done I will see how it runs.

A very easy measure of capacity is:
-old server 8x3.3=26,4
-new server 4x2.39=9.56
The new server has definitely a much lower capacity so the FPS follows that.
Even if you add another processor to the new server the capacity will be lower than for the old server.
As I mentioned check the CPU load on old and new server.
Are these Xeon processors?

The old machine is a DL320, the new one is a DL380. Yes all Xeon Processors. The old CPU has 8mb L3 cache, where the new one is 10mb.

I am going to see if I can maybe get upgrades on the DL380 CPUs then. :slight_smile:

Just curious how it goes?

Got a new CPU but no chance to have installed it yet.

We are currently on 37 cameras, with 6 more incoming. I want to budget for a new server. What would you recommend the specs to be?

I can possibly get my hands on a dual CPU 2.5 (24 Core) server…


The million dollar question J.

What cameras? 1080p or 640x480 or ?

What is the cpu load today? What cameras?

What processor configuration today and what is the one you suggest? Be precise on what processors it is.

A good way to handle this is to use Passmark.


Run this and you get a good idea of the capacity of the computer today.

You can search the Internet for Passmark and the processor you have, single or dual. Do the search for the new cpu configuration and compare Passmark. It will give you a good idea if that will work. There is a big difference between CPU from different years.

Also, the licensing of the OS. More cores higher price.