Storage Question - server/cpu capacity



Would the speed of the HDD Storage have an effect on the FPS? Since moving to the new server (with a stronger CPU) it seems like the average fps is actually slower. Where I used to get 4-5 fps I am lucky if the cameras ever go above 2 fps.

The storage drives went from 7.5k rpm to 10K rpm.


Not going from 7 to 10k. But check the disk access if it´s on 100% all the time. I am only using HDD 5400 rpm with no problems. What is a stronger CPU? CPU load?


I think I found my issue.

The new server is a Dual CPU machine… with only 1 CPU :persevere:
The old machine had a 8 core 3.3HGz CPU, the new server has a 4 core 2.39GHz… BUT it should have 2 of them * facepalm *
Let me get another CPU in there 1st :smile: Once that is done I will see how it runs.


A very easy measure of capacity is:
-old server 8x3.3=26,4
-new server 4x2.39=9.56
The new server has definitely a much lower capacity so the FPS follows that.
Even if you add another processor to the new server the capacity will be lower than for the old server.
As I mentioned check the CPU load on old and new server.
Are these Xeon processors?


The old machine is a DL320, the new one is a DL380. Yes all Xeon Processors. The old CPU has 8mb L3 cache, where the new one is 10mb.

I am going to see if I can maybe get upgrades on the DL380 CPUs then. :slight_smile:


Just curious how it goes?