Strange event log errors

I was reviewing/deleting videos on Netcamstudio client running on same machine as server and I saw those Even log entries (multiple time always in couple) :

Failed Request for http://adminiii:8100/Library/Thumb/201612150022 from
HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized

Unauthorized access to http://adminiii:8100/library/thumb/201612150022 from

My guess (I am developper) is that there is some unsynchronized activity between the physicial deletion of Videos+Thumbnails and the Gallery viewer and internal Database (if there is one), the gallery still have in memory a list of thumnails that do not exist anymore physically so it produce the error until the Gallery dabatase has been refreshed, and the 401 error may be in reality a 404 “not found” or may be a lock what set by a process that blocked other process access and the resilting erreor has been transleted into 401 ?

Thanks info. I will forward this to our developers for a closer look.

As I have activated the glog fie it’s easier to look into and what is strange is that I get ANonymous and Local Admin users connecting locally ? with Anonymous (just for one request) I guess

(Information @ 11:45:33.861 UserManager New User connected: Anonymous from [10]
(Warning @ 11:45:33.865 WebServer.RootVideo Unauthorized access to http://adminiii:8100/library/thumb/201612221008 from
(Warning @ 11:45:33.866 WebServer.ServerRequest Failed Request for http://adminiii:8100/Library/Thumb/201612221008 from
HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized
(Information @ 11:45:33.873 UserManager New User connected: LocalAdmin from [11]
(Warning @ 11:45:33.892 WebServer.RootVideo Unauthorized access to http://adminiii:8100/library/thumb/201612221007 from
(Warning @ 11:45:33.892 WebServer.ServerRequest Failed Request for http://adminiii:8100/Library/Thumb/201612221007 from
HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized
(Warning @ 11:45:33.904 WebServer.RootVideo Unauthorized access to http://adminiii:8100/library/thumb/201612221006 from
(Warning @ 11:45:33.904 WebServer.ServerRequest Failed Request for http://adminiii:8100/Library/Thumb/201612221006 from
HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized
(Warning @ 11:45:33.981 WebServer.RootVideo Unauthorized access to http://adminiii:8100/library/thumb/201612221005 from
(Warning @ 11:45:33.982 WebServer.ServerRequest Failed Request for http://adminiii:8100/Library/Thumb/201612221005 from
HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized