Stream camera's to 3 screens


For a client we installed a NCS system (on a vmware stack). He wants to have displays in 3 places in the office. What would be the best way to do this?

  1. a computestick on each display, which runs the NCS client
  2. a raspberry pi on each display, which streams an RDP session to a terminal server where the NCS client is running
  3. 1 central PC with the NCS client, and a wireless HDMI connection to each display
  4. … ?

Maybe someone has better suggestions? Which type do you use?
It’s important that it’s fool proof, and can auto restart after a powercut.


I would go for 1 however it may not restart in the exact same state after a powercut.

I will try to make some tests to save the 3 information that are needed:

  • first camera to display
  • type of view
  • fullscreen yes/no