StreamEncoder.MJPEG.GetStreamFeed Exception Errors in Event Log

Hi - I have two cameras (a Hikvision and a Foscam) setup with Netcam Studio and everything works nicely and is setup correctly as far as I can see.

I’ve recently been trying to use the WebServer feature to stream the camera feeds to client devices (instead of installing the Client software on Windows based machines) and it seems to be very unstable.

Typically, the webclients stay connected for a few minutes and then the feeds on the webclient browsers “freeze”. If you try to REFRESH the page, it times out and says it can’t access the webserver. I then have to restart the service on the SERVER machine and it all comes back.

I noticed in the event log that there are A LOT of “Exception” messages - literally every few of minutes which say:
Source(0).StreamEncoder.MJPEG.GetStreamFeed - Exception
Exception Detail: Unable to write data to the transprt connection. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
Source(1).StreamEncoder.MJPEG.GetStreamFeed - Exception
Exception Detail: Unable to write data to the transprt connection. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

The errors always come in PAIRS (one for each source) and within a few milliseconds of each other.

I’m running the x64 version of the software on a Windows 10 Pro x64 machine. The server machine has a wired connection to the router, but the cameras are wireless. The wireless connection is solid however - I can access the cameras directly via their interfaces from other network devices and leave them connected for ages without any disconnects or issues, so the problem seems to be with Netcam Studio. I have about 20 devices connected to the network (both wired and wireless) and have no other network issues.

Please can you help me to understand what these exception messages mean, why the WebServer keeps freezing and what I should try to do to resolve it? Many thanks!

Kind Regards,


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Yes, that was certainly a lot of things that need to sorted ;). Thanks for the info and as always it can be a number of things. However, from your info above I am getting suspicious where you need to check some things. Here follow some info on how NCS works and some thing that you need to check.

1.When using the Web client the user is logged out from NCS automatically after some time due to security. If you want to use that method you also need to add a Token to the URL that includes login credentials. In NCS go to the Settings and the HTML generator < >. There you get the http for the source you like. Do not use the admin account since that Token will expire after some time or at a reboot. Create a specific account for this with access rules to the specific cams. Use this http with the correct IP address. You can test this just by pasting the url into a browser.

2.The text in the Exception detail above makes be suspicious that there are other programs using the same ports as NCS. NCS use ports 8100, 8120 and 8124. These ports cannot be used by another program.
I am not sure about this “Source(0 and 1).StreamEncoder.MJPEG.GetStreamFeed - Exception”, but it can be due to the first error. Since it is for both cams it must be something fundamental

3.How do you connect the cams to NCS? Since both cams use MJPEG that is usually http:xxx and port 80. Do you use something else that is running on that computer and using port 80?

4.If nothing helps maybe something happened in the installation of NCS. Uninstall NCS using the installation program and also delete the configuration files in the folder in the ProgrmData directory. ProgramData is invisible so you need to make that visible first.

That´s what I can think about for the moment. Do some testing and report back.
Good luck,