Streaming page for internet asks for sign-on and password

I’ve installed this on a number of computers, and never had this happen. On same in-house network, as it works fine, straight through. But, on net, 174.79.xx.xx:8888 it insists on a sign-on and PW. How can I make it like the other cams I have that don’t ask for this?

WHOA - It only happened while running a Mozilla type browser (SeaMonkey). Well, all other cams work fine on that computer and Mozilla (Sea Monkey). Still strange, but since it worked on Explorer fine, I guess no big problem.

Update: It also worked with Chrome. But quitting and rerunning Mozilla, it won’t allow access to stream w/o sign-on, PW. Kinda frustrating since that is the browser I use all the time. Here is the screen shot:

In a way I would say it was correct since the is on the wan side and there it should not be open to anyone. But, I was thinking of the Access control on/off if that is a factor also on the wan. Alternative is to make you own web page and embed the html code for the cameras.
However, problem solved!

Hmmm, not open to anyone on net? I opened port, thus, it IS available with all other browsers on wan.
Access control? Is that somewhere other than port control?
Is the screen shot added in first post normal?

Access cotrol, on the left hand side you hsve 4/5 choices. One is acc ctrl. Port control is just which port webcam is accessed on. I assume you made a port forward in the router.
Screen shot is fine.

Access Restriction on left (middle) is grayed out.
(Yes, port forwarding was done, and is working fine, especially since I CAN access streaming on wan address.)

Finally, I went to another computer and tried FireFox (Mozilla). It worked fine. Should have checked deeper before post. Sorry.
Must be something with the browser on my computer. Maybe a reboot may fix it. It was just an interesting screen. Especially since it does not appear checking other WebcamXP cams (using other computers). I will play with creating webpage.

BTW, I LOVE this app. It’s ability to stream in three modes is great, and it’s FAST (great frame rate).

Excellent! Good luck!