Suddenly getting no email notifications after adding second camera


I have just added a second camera to my system- this is all working well.

I have stopped getting emails with pictures of the detected motion though. Alerts are still enabled etc in settings and a test message sends just fine.

The only thing that has really changed is the additional camera and now I am detecting motion with the second camera (rather than the original one).

Thank you.

Yes, going from one to two cams might change some things. Depending what you want here is how it works:

  1. all cams are on motion detection.
  2. email notification = on, cam rule = off
    You receive an email with a summary of what cams have been triggered since the last time. 120 sec is default. Pictures are included.
  3. email notification = on, cam rule for 1 cam = on
    You receive an email immediately when that cams motion detection is triggered. No picture. Text is the text that you entered in the Value of the Rule. No summary email like in alternative 2. No email for any other cam.


Hi Henrik,

What I want is the first option- but with just one of the two cameras detecting motion.

I did try enabling motion detection on the other one also but still no emails.

I have the cam rules all off because its the pictures I am really interested in getting on email.

I have restarted etc but the problem persists…

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks =)

Here are my results:

  • 2 cams; cam1 and cam2
  • cam rule = off
  • email notification = on
  1. cam1 moddet=on, cam2 modet=off
    a summary email with pictures from cam1
  2. cam1 moddet=off, cam2 modet=on
    a summary email with pictures from cam2
  3. cam1 moddet=on, cam2 modet=on
    a summary email with pictures from cam1 and cam2

You save the changes? In the email settings you have the parameter LastNotification. Do that update? Test email works?

If you still have problems I would say that something have happened to the configuration files of NCS. Make a completer removal of NCS including the files in folder Program Data. Install again.