Suddenly new issue with ftp upload


Have been using Webcam XP to upload a small image file at 5 minute intervals to a page on my website for the purpose of remotely monitoring the sump pump in our basement. This program has been running without any difficulty for years, up until December 8, when it suddenly stopped uploading new images. My website was recently migrated by the host to a new server requiring a secure connection, so I changed the WebcamXP settings to FTPS over TLS, Port 21, passive mode, uploading to However, the ftp log is giving me this error:

FTP Thread Started
FTPS >> SSL status: “before/connect initialization”
FTPS >> SSL status: “before/connect initialization”
FTPS >> SSL status: “SSLv3 write client hello A”
FTPS >> SSL status: “SSLv3 read server hello A”

Unable to connect to
SSL is not available on this server.

I thought perhaps this was something that happened with the migration to the new server, but from the time I received the email notifying of the migration completion on 11/27, the program worked fine until December 8. Is there any indication in that error message as to what the problem is, and is there any way to remedy it?

(High priority because flooding in basement is a major issue!)


Is the domain name still and not or
FTPS sometimes use port 990.
SFTP use often port 22.
Test first with an ftp client like Filezilla.


Their migration help document says “Settings are FTPS explicit with TLS, port 21, passive mode. Use”. Doesn’t say to use ftps.

They also say to check to be sure Webcam XP supports FTPS using TLS v1.2, as that’s the only supported protocol going forward.

Uploading with Filezilla to ftp.mysite with those settings is working fine.


WebcamXP is a couple of years old so I have to check if it supports TLS v1.2.
Next generation software is Netcam Studio that support ftp, sftp, ftps Explicit/Implicit. Software is free for 2 cameras.
Or if you message me credentials for the ftp-server I can check from here.



The trouble is that the computer I have these webcams hooked up to is an old discarded Vista OS unit. I might have to find a different place to upload my still images to. I only need to keep a couple of images at any one time, just have the Webcam XP set to swap them out each time a new image is uploaded.