Suggestion: Dark theme and zoom functions

It would be great if in the next version a dark theme is available for the top bar of NetCam studio. Just like you can have in Adobe Photoshop for example. I am running NetCam studio on my second monitor in the eveneing when working on Photoshop. It would reduce the strain on the eyes.

Second is a fixed zoom function. I know you can zoom with the mouse scroll function. But it would be handy if you can zoom in in the setup of the camera and set that as a fixed position for your surveillance. Everything outside the picture would not be active for recordings or motion.
What I mean is that 6mp cameras are cheap as chips these days. So you can set up your camera in a general position and use NetCam studio to focus on the final surveillance position.

Third is zoom function in the Android app just like the Onvifer app.

Hi there!
Thanks for the suggestions! Dark theme, well … The second suggestion I like a lot. With high resolution cameras that would be interesting. First zoom in and then apply mo.det. and recording on that field of view. With optical zoom that is no problem. A digital zoom will probably use a lot more cpu power or maybe not? Have to check this.