Support for FDT7901 Cameras

Is there any support for this model line? I thought they were an offshoot of Foscam but I can’t seem to find any info. I can connect to it via ONVIF source, but can’t control Tilt/Pan. Thanks All!

Forgot to link to camera

Nice camera and an excellent support page! However, there is no support for PTZ for that camera today.

Bummer. Its a great camera. Picture is excellent. I hope it will be supported at some point. Thanks

I have that camera also. I use the template Zoneway and it works great.



Hi John,
Thanks a lot for that info! Just to be sure; video, audio and PTZ works? If that is correct I can do a new template with the same parameters for the FDT7901.

Thanks for the reply. I just tried it and it takes the ZoneWay template but the PTZ still doesn’t work for me. I get the controls now but they don’t do anything. I was getting just video before just using ONVIF source but wanted to use the PTZ functionality as well.


That’s funny PTZ works for me using Zoneway template as I mentioned above. This works on 2 FDT7901 cameras.


Yes, audio, PTZ & video work. I have 2 FDT7901 cameras and they both work using that template.


Working now…Fantastic!! I found my mistake. When I edited the existing sources, the Server / IP box was blank since I was using ONVIF. I was able to add the template but PTZ didn’t work until I put in my cameras IP in that box. Thanks all! Have a great holiday

Hi guys!
Thanks for your support! Very much appreciated for supporting each other.