Support for SV3C Cameras (ONVIF)

I recently migrated from WebCamXP (from a Windows 2003 server) to NCS (to a Windows 7 Ultimate).
I only have 7 cameras for my home, but I bought the 16 camera license for future expansion :slight_smile: I really like NCS, and it seems to be easier to configure.

I have been successful implementing a brand of cameras that you have not listed as supporting in NCS (brand SV3C), however all the configuration is manual. I tried using the ONVIF discovery tool, and it finds all of the cameras, but the ONVIF Source path it generates does not work. Instead, I have to use Custom URL > RTSP_TCP > and the rtsp address. This works, but I believe I am not getting all of the features available for some of my cameras (such as PLZ). I see NCS supports many brands out of the box, but not my SV3C cameras. Are there any plans include SV3C cameras? If so, I can help with providing support and configuration files (I am a developer and solutions architect by trade).

Thanks for kind words! We like it too :slight_smile:
The onvif discovery tool get the onvif source path from the camera. Have you tested if there is an update of the camera firmware?
An easy way is to download the ONVIF Device Manager. That should find all your cameras and you can get the correct URL:

Paste that URL into NCS tab for ONVIF Source, add user/password and connect to the camera.
We really do not add any templates since new cameras support ONVIF. The problem is usually to find the PTZ commands if the camera has that.

All the way to win 10 ?


Hi, thank you for the quick response. However, I am using the ONVIF tool you mentioned above, that is where I am getting the proper rtsp URL to use. And I have tested it with other camera interfaces with success. But for some reason, in both the 32 bit and 64 bit version of NCS, when adding a new source using the ONVIF input screen, clicking the “check” to save it does nothing. No errors no anything. I tried editing each field, but the “check” never works, only the “X” to close. Only when I add the rtsp url to the Custom screen does the “check” work and save my video source. If I would get some kind of error message, it would help, but it is as if the ONVIF source screen is broken or something. I just cannot figure out why it does not respond properly especially since the rtsp url is good.

OK, this is something else.Have you the checked the pre-requisites for this version on the download page? .net framework 4.8 and visual c++.
What happens when you go to the tab for ONVIF Source and click on Browse?

I have all the prerequisites installed. I even rebooted the computer after the installation of the .net framework. I have tried the NCS on both a Windows 7 32-bit system and a Windows 10 64-bit system. Both with the same results. When I choose Browse, it returns a list of all my ONVIF cameras, this is good and expected. I select it, then it populates the source box on the ONVIF tab. But I can never save the setting. No matter what I do. The ‘check’ does nothing.

The you fill in username and password and connect to the camera. Then it return Profiles.
Can you select a profile?
I will run it on a win 7 system and see what happens.

Hi, yes, those instructions worked! I did not know about having to ascertain the profiles. The PDF instructions did not have any details that I could find for this ONVIF tab. So it worked once I put in the login information and retrieve, then selected the profile. So I guess it was my bad. But an error message would be helpful if field level validation fails, such as not selecting a profile. Thank you for your quick support!

Excellent, now we are all happy. As you say a little instruction would be great how to handle this.