Sv3c poe cameras

I bought a SV3C 1080p camera off of Amazon. I have a bunch of cameras connected to my Netcam Studio, I just can’t get this new brand to connect to Netcam Studio, I’ve tried to use different templates and stuff but it keeps saying unable to connect. Can someone assist me by logging into the camera and seeing if they can make a template for it? These cameras are great, they are 1080p, they have outdoor and indoor POE for only $45.00. I can give you the username and password and address to it.

Hi Robert,

If it is this camera according to the specifications it support the ONVIF protocol. So when you add a new camera in NCS use the tab for ONVIF source. Search for the camera. If the camera support ONVIF it will be there. Enter logins and you should have the different modes/resolutions that the camera offer.

Good luck,

Thank you, is there a way to add it via IP address? I don’t know a way of adding it via ONVIF if I’m connecting to it via DDNS.

Then I recommend you to have the camera on the LAN first for discovery and so that you can select what resolution you want. Save that so you have everything working on the LAN. On the image from the camera do a right-click with the mouse and select configuration. Go to the tab Customer URL. There you have the complete URL for the camera. Exchange the IP part with the DDNS and it should work. Depending on how the router with the camera is set up for port forwarding you might need to change port in the URL also.

Thanks, I got it working after I updated to the new version of netcam studio