Take snapshot with Netcam Studio

How to I take a snapshot with NetCamStudio?

In webCam 7 I used

What is the Equivalent for NetCam Studio?

Steve Q

There is a similar method in Netcam Studio.

Like all most methods of the Web API it requires an authentication token obtained by using the /Login method as described here:

or by provided the permanent token corresponding to an existing user.

Once you have the token you can use the CapturePicture method:


This is not often used since it will capture a picture and add it to Netcam Studio’s library however in most cases, people just want to retrieve the live picture through HTTP for being able to display, save it or just use it into another application.

In this case you just have to make a request for retrieving the live picture for a specific source using something like:


Thanks, I was aware of how to get a current image via http://servername:8100/Jpeg/0?authToken=37c1440c-e33f-4247-aac5-50c60ae69912 and I am using it. But I want to save an image at certain times. For example, when the door bell button is pressed. Capture image will work nicely. Now I need to figure out how to retrieve it and send me an email. Is there any way to get the name of the file that is saved?

Thanks for the quick reply.


Currently it just returns true / false if it succeeded or failed and the API related to the library must be used to retrieve the details but you’re right that maybe it makes sense at least to return the ItemId corresponding to the newly created entry.

Next version will return the corresponding LibraryId instead of a boolean, which allows then to retrieve the using /Library/(Id) or /Library/Thumb/(id)

Excellent! That will work perfectly!

SteveQ, you working on a plugin…? :wink:

A Homeseer HS3 plugin? NO, but I am converting my HS2 events that used WebCam XP to HS3 events that use NetCam Studio. NetCam Studio is more stable and uses less resources. I’ve never written any plugins. Just scripts for my own use. I’ll be glad to share.

Moskus, if my memory is still working, you are located somewhere in the Nordic region and you probably see a lot of snow in the winter. How do you use the NetCam Studio motion capture when it is snowing outside? I am in Mighigan. I get thousands of motion captures when it snows outside. It is difficult to delete all these files!

Did you try the blob detector that is here since Netcam Studio 1.0.5 ? It should only detect huge snowflakes if it detects them. You can try with blob detection to reduce sensibility which makes it really hard to trigger but still will capture if a moving shape is here.

SteveQ, if you are willing to share your scripts, I’ll appreciate it very much.

I haven’t decided if I will go the script route or the plugin route, but I will start with scripts. A plugin has some adavantages over scripts, especially when it comes to notifying HomeSeer 3 from Netcam Studio (by motion detection for example).

When it’s snowing (or even raining) heavily, I’ve finally accepted that there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s one of the reason I want to integrate Netcam Studio in HS. I could check the weather forecast or my weather station, and set up an Event:

IF motion_detection_count_last_10minutes > 50
AND rain_rate > 0 mm/hr
THEN DISABLE motion detection on cameras 1-8 for 2 hours.