Template is not Set

Just updated to 1.5.6 from 1.3.x and when I select a source it just says “Connecting…”. In the event log I have the following:

Exception Detail:Netcam Template is not set, Aborting Thread.

Hi Nick,
A lot of things changed between the two version. One of them is how camera information is stored. If you go to edit the camera settings for a template or custom url or … the information should be there, but you need to save it again.


Thanks for the quick reply. If I right click and select Edit Video Source the configuration is blank. It was a while ago when I set this up and so can’t remember the exact settings, but I think it was a custom URL. If I look in the server.config file though I can see what looks like the url within the XML.

So I found the custom URL from the server.config file and then pasted that back into the Video Source config and it all seems to be working fine now.

Excellent! That was a good place to look! Happy campers again!