TENVIS JPT3815W-HD - help connecting please

Hi, I have a new Tenvis JPT3815W and it is working fine via their app and on my PC over the internal network. I want to use the camera via Webcam7. (running on Windows 7) I have set up the software for this camera with the correct password and IP address and get the message

“HTTP/1.1 200 OK” but the software just sits there saying “Contacting IP Camera”

I also get the following - Does this help solve my problem?

GET >> >> HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Thanks in advance

Hi Ken,
You have contact with the camera and login is correct, but it seems that the URL to get the video is wrong.
Which version of the camera do you have. Is it JPT3815W or the JPT3815W-HD?
In webcam7 it is set up for JPT3815W-HD.
You can test this with VLC. Enter in VLC the URL:

Which one gives the video?


Hi Henrik, Thanks for your reply.
I have the JPT3815W-HD and have webcam 7 PRO
v1.2.4.0 Build 38987. In the setup there is only JPT3815W not the HD?

Please forgive my ignorance but: I have downloaded VLC player and in “open network stream…” entered the 3 URL’s you suggested.
I get errors from each URL

When I enter the URL for the Tenvis - or just I get asked for the password etc but nothing happens - no error


Sorry, bad explanation from me!

Please, use the latest version of Webcam 7. Latest version is now Actually, I see now that webcam7 do not support the HD version. If possible change to Netcam Studio where this version of Tenvis is available.

But check this in VLC just to be sure.
IP is your IP number to the camera as in your case it seems to be So in VLC and Network stream enter:

If this works the camera asks for the login and then you should have the video from one of these URLs.

Don´t give up. We fix this!

Hi Henrik.

I like your last line - I agree, you only failed when you give up!
Not a bad explanation - I should have known that “IP” was that of the camera :blush:

Okay both rtsp:// and rtsp:// work when put into VLC.
I assume now that I type the rtsp:// … into the set up??

Please see below: I did that and clicked TEST and the “Hostname or IP address” changes to just rtsp and I get the error message.

Thanks again in advance for your help.

Hi Ken!
Bad explanation from me again :smile: I really admire you. I have never seen anyone do that before in Webcam 7. :smile:
Ok, let´s get down to business.
“Okay both rtsp:// and rtsp:// work when put into VLC.” Excellent, now I know what camera it is and how to connect to it.
You cannot use webcam 7 since that program do not support the rtsp protocol that this camera use. I can make the video to work in webcam 7 by using a fix, but you also have a camera with PTZ which I cannot make to work with this fix.
So, to have video and PTZ for JPT3815W-HD you need to move to Netcam Studio which is the next generation of webcam 7. You can download Netcam Studio here. http://netcamstudio.com/ Download and test it for this camera. The model to use is Tenivs - JPT3815W. That is actually the HD version. The first 2 cameras is a free license.


Hi Henrik,

I will try that and get back to you with the results.

Best regards

Hi Henrik, Please don’t give up on me yet.

The link you gave to download: http://www.netcamstudio.com/Download The download seems to stop at 3.8MB - I note the file should be 49MB!!

I have tried the down load from: http://download.cnet.com/Netcam-Studio-64-bit/3000-2162_4-75940292.html and that comes down fast but only 28MB.

You will see I have tried entering the address that worked before!!

My time now is 5:15 and I have tried (restarted) the 48MB down load twice - I have 32Mbps

Thanks again for your Patience

Never gone give you up … You know that Rick Astley song :smile:

OK, we need to get the program down first so test also this https://www.dropbox.com/s/4j3ilxfzi996nob/ncs-inst-x64.exe?dl=0
If you have 32 Mbps it should goes rather quickly. The file size is about 50 MB.
The one from cnet is Version so don´t even try that one.

When it´s downloaded, double-click and install the complete version of NCS. after installation you should have 2 icons like

Start the Netcam Studio X Server with blue icon. Now you should have this

Click on add camera, camera with the green plus. Network camera and fill in the fields and save. Now you should have the video. When you mouse over the video the PTZ buttons should show up.

By the way, nice web page. Do you use the cam for only for surveillance or plan to put it live on the web page?

Good luck. You know where to find me. For the moment I am in Brazil which is -4h to England so I am here some more hours :slight_smile:

Hi - I was going to ask your location (out of pure interest). Your download took about 3 seconds :slight_smile:

Thanks to you and your excellent help I have spent 5 mins and its working fine.
Yes I want to use it to put a live web page of the ducks. You may have seen from a link on the website.

I will play with this tomorrow - need a beer now!

I will contact you again if I need help but I do try and sort things out myself - when I can.


I love these dogs, Border Collie?
Yah, go for a beer. I go for a Caipirinha. It´s Friday!

Hi Henrik,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Again thanks for your help. Yes she is a Collie.

Happy to say I have also sorted the upload to the web - due to your informed comments online

I am sure I will be back to you soon.

you know my website try xxxx.com/cameratest.html

I do not have an IP65 camera yet so this is out of a window in a barn for playing around.

Best regards


Hi Ken,
Yes, thanks. It will be a day at the beach :slight_smile:
Good you found that post. Maybe I should move it to Guides. The video looks fine here in Brasil :). I get a video stream of about 1 Mbps. I am not sure about your upload speed, but maybe you want to limit the streaming speed since 1 Mbps is a lot for this. You can limit the stream in the settings for the user account.

Hi Henrik,

Hope all is well at your end?

Little more help please?

I am happily using NetcamStudio X on my PC (Version V1.6.1.0) with access to a Tenvis JPT 3815W camera via HTML generated code on my website.

Naturally when I shut the PC down or it “sleeps” access to the camera is halted.

I was thinking of buying the Raspberry Pi3 (windows 10 IoT) to host NetcamStudio X such I could leave this running 24/7.

I have read the question and reply on this subject (Raspberry Pi3 as Netcam Studio Server - Jun 16) but sorry to say am a little confused.

Could I use the Pi3 with Windows 10 IoT to run NetcamStudio to allow web access to the camera.
Thanks in advance for you help again

Yes, thanks. Still in Brazil for some more weeks :slight_smile:
We have never tested that. Check the requirements for NCS.
Raspberry Pi3: 1.2GHz ARMv8 CPU and 1GB Ram.
No, I would not go there.

Morning Henrik,

Just a notes to say thank you and that your details noted.

Kind regards


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Hi again,
Just a thought. If the issue is that you cannot have a computer running 24/7 why not use the built in functions in the camera and connect using a mobile device.

Hi Henrik,

I want to send you a password which is not posted on the community website - could I please ask for a private email address?