Tenvis TH661 missing in camera list


please could someone help me with Tenvis TH66 setting in NCS 1.3.5?
This type is missing in Camera list.

Thank you very much.


Hi Roman! There are so many cams on the market so it is difficult to have the all in the templates. Since you use NCS there is another possibility tu add the camera using Custom URL or ONVIF (if the camera has that standard). The trick is to find the communication between the cam and NCS. Manufacturers are not always so interested in to give these parameters out. However, lets start:

  1. there are some other camera templates. Have you tested any of them. Especially, the IP391W-HD?
  2. do the camera support the ONVIF standard. If so try to add the camera using the tab ONVIF.
  3. add the camera using the Custom URL tab. I did some googling and found the following. Set Stream type to rtsp_tcp. Then use the URL:
    or test this one:

and replace username, password and ipnumber what is actual for you.


Hi Henrik,

thanx for your advice … ONVIF is enabled in CAM management, but no success (NCS dont detect it).
http://synesis.ru/other-products/menedzher-ustrojstv-onvif ONVIF Device Manager works fine … PTZ, Presets … Cam has ONVIF version 2.01

Template IP391W-HD do not work with this message “Video failed with error: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized . Audio failed with error: Not Tested” Firewall is disabled, ping working, lohin is correct.

Custom URL works, BUT without PTZ functions :pensive:

BTW at my iPhone I use IP CAM VIEWER PRO and at template for TH661 do not work PTZ presets, BUT … template Tenvis JPT3815W-HD works perfectly.

Thanks for testing.
I am aware of that the PTZ will not work with the custom url since one can say that a template consists of two parts; the audio/video part that use rtsp and the PTZ part that use http for communication. My goal was to get the video/audio part working first. Just to confirm that worked with:

I see that there is a template forTenvis JPT3815 included with PTZ. Compare that one to JPT3815W-HD I would say that the last one have wifi and work with 720p, but the PTZ is the same.

It seems that the HD version only have h.264 so my little sneaky idea do not work.

However, if we take the PTZ part from Tenvis JPT3815 and add the rtsp part from above, voila we should have a template for Tenvis TH661. What do you say? ;).

Did you test the template for Tenvis JPT3815 in NCS? Video will probably not work, but maybe PTZ?