Thanks for Netcam Studio 2.0 beta

Hi there, I don’t see a discussion thread anywhere for this 2.0 beta but just wanted to share my thoughts.

The update process had me slightly worried as some of my sources were not connecting initially, however by Editing and hitting Save again (custom URLs) everything was working fine again. Just a heads up for anyone else upgrading to the beta.

I like the new icon! The old icon was ok but this one does look more professional and is very distinctive too so it won’t get mixed up with other services.

I don’t have any cameras with PTZ functionality so I can’t speak to those improvements.

The new web client is outstanding and adds some important functionality like the ability to enable and disable motion detection. Navigation is fast and easy. It also works great on my old Surface 2 (Windows RT, Internet Explorer) which is a relief. The multiview is great and I wonder if there will be a configuration option in future to display mutiview as the first page after logon. If I access the URL at then I get an error message.

All in all it’s a great update and I’m glad I bought a licence last year. The software is dependable and provides great piece of mind for our home security (and is also great as a baby monitor). Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for your feedback, yes sorry for closing the announcement thread but we just don’t wanted people to report issues directly in there (even if related to the new beta).

Anyway your positive comments are also welcome, we’re not only and exclusively looking for new issues :slight_smile:

We know about the problem due to url rewriting / handling in the new client, it has been solved on our side and will be part of the next update very soon.

The dropbox installers have been updated with the “fixed” web client.