The Kb is not KB


Small display bug, Kb = Kilobits and in Gallery the Freespace, Period and Total amounts are Kb that is wrong, it should be KB = KiloBytes


Yes, there are some prefixes that new to be changed and there are more. Quite annoying as I am in the business ;).

I agree with you that B stands for Bytes and b stands for bit. So

320Gb should be 320 GB. As well as

should be MB.

However, when it comes to the prefix for kilo it is something else. If one follow the SI standard the prefix for 1000 is k. In the US the letter K is quite often used which is actually wrong.

Lately KiB, MiB and so on have entered the scene where 1024 kB is 1000 kiB and 2048 MB is 2000 MiB, …

And then we have also the speed …

To summarize, it will be good to look things over ;).


Yes k or K is not a big deal 1000 vs 1024 will not change the world but b vs B make much bigger difference.

Sorry I am not english native, what do you mean by “To summarize, it will be good to look things over” ?

It means that we will go through the user interface and make the necessary corrections :slight_smile: Most likely it will not be in the upcoming release in late January since that is under testing, but I give it a try. If not, it will be in the release after that.