There is no sound in the broadcast. How much RAM and CPU load

Hello! There is no sound in the video broadcast from the camera, the camera itself with sound, set the sound sensor and it works, but in the broadcast that I watch from the smartphone there is no sound.
And also how to enter the admin panel

The camera must be connected to webcamxp with the rtsp protocol to have video and audio. Mjpeg and jpeg will only have video.
Do you have sound in webcamxp on the computer?

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how to choose the protocol “rtsp”?
I didn’t check the sound in the local file, but in the “sound detector” the band moves with noise.

When you connect the camera there should be a choice for rtsp. What camera is it and how did you connect it?

there is sound in the local recording but it is not in the live broadcast.
Logitech webcam connected from USB.
specifically the camera model I do not remember.

Aha, USB. I was just thinking of IP camera. Then there is no rtsp. If you only have 1 USB camera I recommend you to move to our next generation software Netcam Studio A much modern and easy to handle software and usb video and audio works fine with both web client and android app.

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Now I’ll install, it’s a pity there is no Russian language … :frowning:

Web client and mobile App have Russian language.

Can the server be translated into Russian?
And how much will your program use RAM and CPU?

We don’t have any plan for a Russian translation today.
All installations are different so how much RAM and CPU load is very individual. There are several posts here in the forum that might give you more information.
Factors that affect are camera resolution, fps, bitrate, pre-buffer, overlays, recorded quality etc. A good way to start is to use an existing computer and connect some cameras and learn how your system works.
New IP cameras have usually megapixel resolution and high fps. However do you really need that in your application?
An effective way to reduce cpu load is to use a GPU (hardwsre accelerstion) which can be the one built in the CPU or in an external graphics card.

Webcamxp consumes little RAM and uses little CPU, is there a difference between Webcamxp and Netcam studio?

It´s a big difference in how they work, but in principal for the same camera and settings the consumption of RAM and CPU should be in the same range. I have not tested this, but since you have both on the same computer it would be quick to check.

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But will it be possible to watch the broadcast from the camera on the street without connecting to a router?

Without connecting to the router?
To connect to NCS you must connect to the router from the public side via the public IP. In the section Guides and Tutorial you find a guide on how to do that.

I want to watch the broadcast not only at home but also on the street, in a park, in another city
Is it possible?

Read the guide. There you have all info how to make it work.

Can I have a link?) Preferably in Russian but also in English

Accessing Netcam Studio remotely using Web Client or Smartphone App .
I hink it’s time for you to buy a license.

To watch remotely need a license?
Or what is it for?