Threshold level stuck at same level

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Having issues with triggers due to light changes. The system is triggering when a cloud passes over the sun causing the light to dim suddenly. The motion detection triggers mostly on the parked vehicles & white concrete driveway but sometimes from other objects in the frame.

I was having a play around with the Threshold Levels as I was having 50+ false detection a day.
Noticed that whatever number I set it at, it never updated or refreshed the Threshold meter. I get the message in the meter “calibrating” each time I change the setting but it doesn’t seem to move

Tried a fresh re-install without any change.

Ideas? Or a bug?

Images in link show
Set at 0 (default)
Set at 20
Set at 60

Notice how the grey level bar does not change

Hi! Change Motion Algorithm to Blob detection. That might help you to avoid changes in light. It helped me to a certain extent. Before the change I recommend you to disable Motions Detection. Sometimes NCS get confused ;). When Threshold level is changed it recalibrates. The grey level bar do not change position, but it represents now another value. However, changing the level certainly affect when motion is triggered, but using Frame Difference and changes in light is tricky.

The values are usually between 0 and 10 but it depends on the sources.

In Netcam Studio X, enable the motion detection and then on the camera view, right click and at the very bottom you have an option called View:

Press this one and select the motion view, this will display on screen the current value / threshold value. Do this while in automatic mode (0) so that you can view the average values and values during motion specific to your camera / setup. It should help you to calibrate properly.