Timelapse Maximum Record Length


Hey everyone, I’ve been demoing this program to try and promote it to customers of mine. I have to say I am EXTREMELY impressed thus far. However I’ve noticed that the Motion Activated Timelapse tends to get the best pictures of whomever is triggering it. But this brings a dilemma.

A video has a maximum recording length that can be set, whereas a timelapse does not. This seems counter productive as if there is constant motion triggering the timelapse and the host computer is accessed while recording, the app will not have had the time to upload the videos to a safe location. Could a maximum timelapse length be implemented to alleviate this concern?

Thank you in advance! And I sure hope I can help spread this application through my work. It seems to be leaps and bounds above the competition thus far.


Not sure to understand however if timelapse is being used together with Motion Detection (which isn’t really the intended use) then if it’s set to start the timelapse on motion, it should also be set to stop the timelapse at the end of motion. It’s the motion detection that defines the maximum length (aka how long it should continue to record / save after motion is not happening anymore).


I’m kinda curious on this also. I am currently running 24 cameras, In order to not melt down my CPU I am only running time lapse, triggered on motion, I have my frame interval at 250ms and my frame duration at 50ms, this makes nice short videos of a few seconds usually containing 20-30 seconds of motion. However several times a week I schedule several of my cameras to do a continual timelapse for five or six hours. However when I try and play back these relatively large files they never play back correctly in VLC. Is there a way that it can brake the long time lapse up in to 15 minute files? or am I doing something wrong?


try converting the output using ffmpeg command line to mp4, it may fix them, what defines the duration of the timelapse is when it’s scheduled to run, there are not other settings.