Timelapse problem

I know there has been a few messages on this topic. But I cannot get timelapse to work. It is set to 24hr a day, 7 days a week.

Frame interval (input) - 30
Frame interval unit - Minute
Frame Duration (Output) - 10
Frame Duration unit - Second
Encoding Method - Movie

Can you confirm that Frame interval means time between each Video length or still image.
Also does Frame Duration mean Video length or ? for a still image.

Why does my Library only have 2 videos
video 1 time and duration stamp - 2020/03/08 11:13:14 - 28:59
video 2 time and duration stamp - 2020/03/08 09:31:19 - 30:28

The settings mean that:
-a picture is taken every 30 minutes.
-in the resulting video each picture is shown in 10 seconds.
Length of video is set in the tab for Recordings.

Hi - Video length is set at 5 mins in the recording tab.

The Scheduler is all Green, and the Live Video has a green border around it.

So why does it not work

Well, if you take a picture every 30 minutes and you start all over every 5 minutes … Test to change to take a picture every minute.

Strange behaviour. NCS stopped remembering any changes to the settings from timelapse (as I cannot get it to work) to motion. All settings were ‘orange’ for motion and saved, but NCS would not remember them. Everytime I closed the program and rebooted, settings were changed back to timelapse. Timelapse was only ever set to 10secs.

I managed to get NCS service to auto start (delayed).

But two nights ago, there must have been an windows update, and everything rebooted. NCS was not running for 2 days, but probably NCS service was.

Progressively over the 2 days my computer began running slower and slower.

Only to find something was gobbling my computer hard drive memory up at a fast rate. It was found that there were massive (daily) single .avi files in the windows programdata/moonware/…/server/library/timelapse directory.

Even stranger non of the avi files would run on any video players I have.

I have deleted all the timelapse directories, and I am now unsure if the bug lies with changing NCS service to auto start (delayed) or with the timelapse part of the program.

Any thoughts please.

I have no idea what’s going on, but Windows updates do sometimes play some tricks on NCS. This is not the first time.
Settings are not consistent depends usually on that security settings for these files are changed. My advice here is to do a clean installstion and start all over. In the section for guides you find instruction for a clean installstion.