Timeline view with several cameras


Much better! Thanks so much!


Yes, I like that also. The only small thing I have a question about is when scrolling down that time line disappears. Would it be possible to have that visible all the time even for camera 16?


What disappears? The activity bars or the preview?


The line with date and time are in the same frame as the cameras so when you scroll down the time line will disappear.


i have very limited control on this timeline.

it’s a kind of component with limited settings. I already had to customize it but it’s really horror (and on top of that not really made for angular).


Ah, ok.

Mind telling me what the component is? I’ll take a look.


Component is this:

I’ve granted you access to my SVN by private message if you want to have a closer look.


Ok, thanks!

I haven’t used SVN in years… I’ll install a client and take a look.


haha, i could tolerate many things and adapt to couple of evolutions in the javascript world but moving from svn to git is not going to happen :slight_smile:


“a couple of evolutions in javascript”… lol