Timeline view with several cameras

The timeline view is just about unusable if you have more than 8 cameras.

Since the bottom section takes most of the screen, you can’t actually see the clips.

Suggest just making the video pinned to the top.

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Hi Elliot,
Yes, I agree. I have myself up to 16 cams and it takes most of the space. I put this under suggestions for a future version.

Thanks @Henrik.

Do you guys take pull requests on github? I might be able to help out a bit.

@steve is in charge of the software development so I have to forward this to him.

FYI. I’ve made it look at least acceptable by putting a height on the first child of timeline component, and then added overflow:auto and a height to the ncs-timeline div.

I think making the top section sticky is a better approach, but it looks like 3 or 4 lines of CSS could be a nice simple fix for short term.

If you can inspect and suggest the css to achieve this I’ll give it a try and potentially include it.

No pull requests on github because anyway the new web client is not on github and i’m not sure it will be.

Ok… I’ll play with it and let you know.

Be a lot easier if that client was up on github though. :wink:

would be a lot easier only if you’re familiar with angular 4 but I suppose would be useless for most users of netcam studio.

Glad to hear you’re using Angular. Google does stuff right. :slight_smile: I’ve got quite a lot of experience it it. Haven’t had the pleasure of working in 4 yet, but I’ve built a few projects with 1 and 2.

A simple fix for the timeline view that I got working through inspector was to just put a height (I just used 300px) and overflow-x:scroll on the ncs-timeline element. This (as far as I can see) only touches that view, so it’s a low risk fix.

I think using position:fixed on all of those camera views on all screens would probably be a better solution, but that would require a lot more testing, since it would affect many more screens.

well 2 and 4 is basically the same, upgrading is pretty straight forward.

i’ll give this a try once things are a bit calmer with netcam studio itself (but it’s on the good way after the 1.5.x rush)

If you decide you want a hand with it, I’ll gladly help out.

my github is https://github.com/elliottohara

Well I don’t plan to make it public for now however if you have ideas and would like to implement features on the web client then I could consider giving you access to my SVN so that you can contribute.

The big advantage is that both the web client and the mobile apps are in angular4. they both use the same service to consume the web api and yes that was really a great move (and opportunity to give a try to angular 2/4).

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Yep, I did the same thing (I used NativeScript). It worked wonderfully.

Definitely interested in helping out on the web side. No pressure though.

I’ve just repackaged the latest 1.5.4 now so that it includes this change in the timeline (what I understood from it, i suppose you meant overflow-y and not overflow-x).

For the web site then just tell me know what are your plans / ideas and the modifications, features or screens you would like to do or modify and i will look forward to share source code with you.

Awesome! I’ll go re-install again!

Yes, I meant overflow-y, not x… Sorry about that!

I’ve already installed the previous build as that version, and Windows won’t let me install over the top without an uninstall first. Mind bumping the release number?

I’d prefer not to go through importing settings and stuff if I can help it.

you can uninstall / reinstall and you won’t lose anything (eventually need to put back the ssl certificate in the .config but i doubt you use one).

Henrik and myself are doing it about 5 times a day for a few weeks now.

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He he, at least :smile:
Nothing is lost.

Ok, thanks. I’ll do that in a bit.