Timer capture picture


I want to timer capture picture at a given time on 60 camera.


Hi! if I understand you correct you would like to capture a picture from a camera with a certain time interval. I suggest you use the function Timelaps which do that. You can read more about that in the manual. Timelaps is configured for each camera and you find it in the configuration menu for each camera.


Hi Henrik,
I mean, picture saved to library of NSC. I want send report to my boss.


You can use the Rule Manager under Settings and create a rule so when motion is triggered NCS sends a small picture via email to your boss and your boss can go to NCS and check what happened on the video. Email is set up under Notifications.
Alternatively you can use a separate software that monitors that specific NCS folder and when something is changed in the folder it is copied to a folder on tour boss computer.


I use path source of camera and IDM. Download for all.