Timestamp variable in Rule manager

Hello, this is my first post in this forum.
I guess this topic was probably discussed here already, but I wasn’t able to find anyhting that helped me properly.
I am uploading capture files to an FTP server, which works properly. The uploaded files should have a file name which represents the current time stamp (for example HHMMSS.jpg). How do I have to define that in my rule in the rule manager. I already tried a lot of things, for example $time.jpg or $date.jpg. I tried it with brackets around it. But nothing works. Can you give advice which timestamp variables are available and how to properly use them?
Thanks in advance.

For the camera go to Configure features and then FTP upload settings. Click on New and there you can select numbering or timestamp.

Hello Henrik, thanks for you quick reply.
I am sorry, but I fear I cannot follow you completely. What do you mean with “For the camera go to Configure features”? I am in Netcam Studio Client (version with free license) and there in the Rule manager. I cannot find such an item.
I have to admit, what I am asking for, worked formerly. But I had to completely re-install NCS and I did not note the settings for the file name format. (oups)
But I can remember that I similar difficulties at that time.

It can be $time-eu or $time-us?
Move pointer to the camera view and right-click with the mouse and you have Configure features.

That’s it! Thank you very much for your help, Henrik.
Have a nice week-end! :sunglasses: :sun_with_face:

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Hi, literally my first day using NetCam studio today. I think i search around but didn’t found anything about this. I want to ask, is there any way we can add the date stamp to the FTP uploaded file name too? I would like to upload images to the FTP for keeping for about 30days.

In my installed version (v1.9.5.0) there is only 2 preconfigured variable which are #I and #T (camera number & timestamp).


Thank you

Sometimes the time stamp can include date, but not this time. I checked if it´s possible to use the Rule Manager, but no. I have added this variabel #D to the list of new additions.

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Noted, thank you for taking it under consideration.