TP-Link TL-SC4171G RTSP and MJPEG not working

Sadly this is preventing me from actually buying a license.

I can’t get RTSP and/or MJPEG working for TP-Link TL-SC4171G.

Test Camera Connection shows:

RTSP (same error if using a custom RTSP_TCP Source using the URL below)

Video failed with error:  Netcam.WorkerThreadLibAV() Thread


Video failed with error:  The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.

Audio Connection is however successfull in RTSP mode !

Eventlog shows

 LIBAV did not provide a frame after 15 seconds. Reinitializing connection

However… The Cam works perfectly in VLC with the following URL (no authentication)


Please help


Do you know the working url for mjpeg in VLC.If it can work in VLC, we can make templates for it in NCS.

Not for MJPEG at the Moment (i can check tonight if you want).

But shouldn’t RTSP work also ? i would prefer RTSP instead of MJPEG anyway.

RTSP Url which is working in VLC is above.

MJPEG is working… but i have to turn off RTSP at the camera to get it working.


however… i’d like to use RTSP because of the Audio… and RTSP is not working.

Is there a debug log available somewhere ?

Thanks for you help

Can you arrange an internet connection to your IP camera? We can diagnose the issue with more details and properly can prepare a working template for it. Please send the request to

Sure i can… but are you sure there is no problem with netcam studio and/or libav ? (NetCam Studio is running on a windows 2012 r2 server) ?

Again… all known Video URL’s are working in VLC but not in Netcam Studio.

What kind of request should i send to ?

You should send the internet connection access to your IP camera so that I can check it. For the windows server 2012, everything should be fine if all the pre-requisites have been installed properly on your system.