Translation support

Not that it is of utmost importance, but I thought you would insert corrections every now and then.
In 1.6.2 there are still at least two “bigger” bugs in the German version of your web client:

  • In the menu, it is “EEinzelansicht”, where it should be “Einzelansicht” (typo)
  • In the main window, the check box is “Zeitlupe”, but it should be “Zeitraffer” (time lapse)

Ok. now it see that it reads “Web Client 2.1.7”. Does this mean that this piece of software is done by “another team”?
In this case, please ignore my comment (and I will wait until your colleagues will react ;-)…)

Hi Ralf,
Thanks for your correction. Actually, I saw your correction earlier, but I mixed it up with the mobile app. I send this to @Steve so he can correct it in the next web client version.

Thumbs up! Thank you!