Trouble with emails

Hi Henrik,
for some time the email function has no longer worked, the following message is displayed:
" Error sending Email using [] to Address
Exception Detail:Le message reçu était inattendu ou formaté de façon incorrecte"
The settings have not changed, what does this message mean?

Is it a problem between NCS and the SMTP server or is it with the content of the email?
Check rhe Viewer for errors.
Ask Orange if they have changed anything with their SMTP server.

Thanks Henrik for your answer, I call Orange tomorrow

Check also the Event Viewer in NCS for errors when sending the email.

hi Henrik
orange replied that there had been no change in…
On the other hand I cannot find Event Viewer in NCS, what is this and where is it?

Well, then I don’t know. Sorry, its Event log

There should be red erros there. Click on it for more info.

this is the message that is displayed in the event log when you click on the error

No one has changed anything so then it´s a problem. Where in NCS do you use this?
Can you send me credentials to the account so I can test?

I sent my credentials

I use smtp in “notifications ans synchronisation”

Hi Henrik,
were you able to do some tests?

Yes. I have sent this to developer, but no answer yet.
A way around this might be to get a gmail account. Read this How to use Google email with Netcam Studio after May 30, 2022

thank’s Henrik, it wasn’t very easy but finally it worked

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