Trouble with FTP directory behavior

Using webcamXP PRO v5.6, mostly to monitor my cats while traveling. Up till now I was having it send me email for motion detection. It works, but I mostly use my phone while away, and its very difficult to clean up and delete lots of emails on the phone. So I thought I’d give the FTP a try, because I do have web hosting I pay for. the plan was to create a simple PHP program I could reach from a browser, which would display all photos in a directory, and then allow me to delete them all with one button. It worked great, so I went and configured my Webcam XP to use an FTP account I set up to hold the graphic files. Unfortunately, no matter what i do, Webcam XP insists on creating multiple directories within directories to hold the graphic files That’s a problem because re-writing my PHP program to traverse all possible directories starting at a root is very complicated. Isn’t there some way to make the FTP upload simple put all the graphic files into the same directory? they are already named according to date and time stamp so there really is no need for creating all those sub directories. Any help appreciated. And I’ll gladly share my 'display and purge" PHP code if it helps anyone else do what I’m trying to do.

Well since I posted this, I have composed a PHP program to handle the problem. It doesn’t make sense to post all the code here, but If anyone is interested you may contact me privately or use the contact form on my website and I’ll gladly give you the code for free. Assuming you set up your Webcam XP (or Netcam Studio) to send all security images to a directory within your web hosting area, you can then use my program to view or delete all the photos, with ANY web browser. It allows for password protection of course, and easily pulls and sorts all photos from the tangled mess of directories Webcam insists on creating, allows for a limited number of photos per page, allows sorting by older or newer photos, and just as easily deletes them all. After trying to work with the email feature of Webcam to send me my photos for years, and then try to manage and delete them on my I-phone, this is 100 times more convenient!

Sounds great, why not put it up on GitHub?

Not a bad idea. Just that I usually have 100 projects going at once and haven’t posted the code anywhere yet. So since I have no clue if anyone else would even be remotely interested, I figured the least I could do for now is let folks know I solved the problem I originally posted, and am willing to share the solution.