Two questions before purchase - about tier purchasing and video file saving

  1. Can I buy a lower tier version, then upgrade later paying the difference?

  2. Is it possible to change the way video files are saved? For example, configure how the files are named, or at the very least where they are placed.

Hi Michael,

1.No, the prices are so low and you get the program for free for 2 cameras.
2.How files are named is internally decided by NCS to keep everything in order. In the Settings you can change the storage location of the Library. On internal disk or on external NAS.

In that case, How can I easily sort through my files through the file browser? Or do I need to go through the netcam studio software “Library” section? I would, but I can’t play the videos from there and have to play them direct from the file browser. All I see are errors like this:

I even wouldn’t mind going to the Library, and from there getting the right file location (much like torrent software allows you to “Go to folder” of any file, but I don’t see a way to do that.

Basically I just want to figure out a real way of managing lots of cameras. The only place where I can easily view video is through my phone with the app. But I don’t want to use it. Is there a reason file naming and file structure configuration isn’t/won’t be available?


Hi Michael,
I have read your question several times and I am a little confused. But, I will do my best to give an answer that I hope will help. You want to manage video recordings from several cameras and the only place you can do that is using the mobile app which you do not want to use.

I will use NCS X to show how to manage recordings. You can also run NCS as a service and then use NCS Client. It will be the same. I will also show how you can use the Web client to view and download recordings to a desktop computer or in the browser of your cell phone. So here it goes.

Here is NCS X running with several cameras and I will show 2 of them here.

To manage the recordings from these cameras you go to the Library, red arrow pointing on the Library icon in the top menu

There you have recorded videos from motion detection from all cameras… Double click on a recording and it will open in VLC.

You can download the video to your computer by selecting the video and click on the download icon in the menu

When you go to the Library by default all cameras will show up, but you can select which camera and also date

The Settings of the Library is show here

In my case I have my Library on the Desktop in a folder called NCS. On the left hand side you see WIndows Explorer. In the folder NCS the files are structured in Recordings and then by date. The recording are named as from which camera, date, time and then an internal number that is used for organisation and in the database.

If you click on a recording here it will show in the default video player for your system. The files are stored in mp4.
This is the organisation of the recordings using NCS.

If you login to NCS using the web client it looks like this with the IP number to the computer running NCS and port 8100. A dialog box will appear where you enter logins. In the menu on the left hand side click on Library and the Gallery and will have all the recorded files again.

By default recordings from all the cameras are show, but you can select which camera, date and for how many days it will show.

When you click on a file it will show and start playing. You can download that file by clinking on the down load arrow in the bottom right corner.

These are the basics how you manage recordings from many cameras. How it works with the Mobile App are you already familiar with so I will not show that here.

I hope this helps. More questions you know where to find me,

Great post, thanks very much. You describe it perfectly and managing my videos like that would work great,. except I cannot play the videos directly from the software which is my issue. I also cannot navigate to the windows folder from the software, e.g right clicking on the video -> go to destination.

So as of now, I am forced to manually go through my folders and files to find the videos I’m looking for.

Here is a video of what happens when I try to play from my PC:

Thank you for the support!

“. I also cannot navigate to the windows folder from the software, e.g right clicking on the video -> go to destination.” That is not possible. You can mark the video and download it, but not right-click and go to destination.
From your video: when you doubleclick on the video you end up in the VLC playlist directly and cannot play the video. I have tested and tested and the video always plays directly. After the video played I have in my Playslist this

Right-click on that and select Play will play the video again. If you right-click on the URL in your playlist and select Play what happens.

So I really don’t know what the problem is. Do the classical one to completely uninstall VLC with Revo Uninstaller or some other program to completely remove VLC and install it again.

Out of ideas for the moment,