Unable to Access NetcamStudio Remotely

I just upgrade my Netcam Studio install to and my iPhone as well. I’m not sure of the iPhone version but it’s the very latest. I can now no longer access my cameras remotely. I have a router on the Internet with a static IP address. I am forwarding ports 8100 and 8124 TCP to the host that has Netcam Studio on it. I am not sure what else to check . I verified my login and password account in Netcam Studio is correct. I am unable to connect either remotely over the web or at home over my network. I have two connections configured on my phone for each connection type. This was working find before the upgrades. Any suggestions on what else I can check?

The error on the phone is Login failed undefined.

Yes, that was a little bit to much :wink: I just need to structure this a little bit.
1.when you connect to NCS over the LAN in a web browser with http://LAN-IP:8100 you get the login screen. When you enter admin/password you cannot login? Make sure that the https is not enabled.

2.If you start NCS X it runs normally with all the cams?
3.If you start the windows client and try to connect to the NCS X, it works?

For the user account make a save again. There have been some changes there that might effect.

For the iPhone. Do you use the mobile app 4.01 or is it by web client? Is it by the mobile app you are not the only one. Make sure that no extra blanks are added to usernamne/password or IP address. That have happened to others.


I would say it looks like firewall issue (or other software such as antivirus preventing netcam studio to be reachable) if even the web client doesn’t work and if the ports are properly forwarded.

Oddly enough, the ports that were opened in my firewall somehow disappeared. I added them and that fixed my connection on the local LAN. However, I still cannot connect using the iPhone app. I verified that I have no spaces in the IP address, port number, login or password. I made a change to an account and saved it but that didn’t help. I am not currently at home so I can’t test the connection from the iPhone app via wireless, but I am still unable to connect over the Internet. I get the same exact error. Is it possible that now another port is required? Are the ports TCP only?

Port 8100 should be all you need to be open / forward for remote access.

ensure that from the iphone over web client you can access first but iPhone app we published the other day is ok.

I’m there. It was a stupid pet trick. My phone was connected to my work wireless, which of course doesn’t permit port 8100. Odd that I lost the firewall settings on my Netcam Studio server though. Probably a Microsoft update. Thanks for the help, all.

Especially that ncs is setting rules in firewall automatically when installing so even when upgrading to 1.5.1 it should have allowed the port 8100 if it wasn’t here but good you figured out.

So I was successful in connecting to Netcam remotely once, but since that first time, whenever I log in, it says my “session has timed out, please log in again”. I’ve restarted Netcam server but still it gives me session timeout. Tried both from Edge and IE. V1.5.2

Hi Adrian,
1.Netcam server, NCS X, is running or is it when NCS is running as a service?
2.is it when you try to start the web client http://localhost:8100 on the same computer that runs ncs or is from another computer on the LAN?

OK, I think this is the problem. Exit NCS or Stop the NCS Service. Go to the Task Manager and to the tab Processes. Look for Netcam studio processes. You probably have a process running. Kill that or these processes. Restart and enter the http again.

If this is the case go to the forum post and download the latest version Netcam Studio 1.5.6