Unable to access via iOS app, or Safari on iPhone

I just set up my Netcam Studio server on a Windows 7 machine, I am able to access it via the web client (in mobile version in the web client too) on the Windows 7 machine. However when I try and access the webclient on my iPhone or iPad, the connection times out. If I try using the mobile iOS app on iPhone or iPad, I recieve an error “Login Failed” “Error Unknown Error (-1)” and if I no to m.netc,am in Safari on the iPhone or iPad and attempt to access through there I get “Login Failed” “Error Connection Refused”.

How can I resolve my issues and access the server through the iPhone App?

Hi Steven!
Which version of iOS and iPhone App do you use?

Did you follow every steps listed here:

The problem was me typo’ing the address. Always the stupid little things… Thanks for the assistance.

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