Unable to adjust bitrate settings for recordings


I’ve been using the current version of NCS for the past few days with my Wyze V2 cameras and have been very happy with the performance and features. One item that I can’t get to work is to adjust the bitrate settings of the recordings. The recordings currently use a very high bitrate of approximately 15 Mbps and adjusting the slider for the recording quality doesn’t seem to change this setting. As a result, an hour of recording is roughly 10 GB in size.

My configuration is as follows.

Windows 10 Laptop with i5-3320M CPU and integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU
(2) Wyze V2 cameras using RTSP for streaming
GPU setting in NCS: Intel (results in 30% CPU usage, using other settings results in 98% CPU usage)


A recording with 1920x1080, 10 fps (varisble bitrate), CRF=20 has a bitrate of 15 Mbps and a size of 4 GB for 60 min.

Are there adjustments in NCS that can be made to decrease the bitrate resulting in smaller file sizes? I changed the CRF to both the minimum and maximum settings and saw no change in the assigned bitrate. I would think this should have a direct impact on the bitrate but I’m not sure why it didn’t.

I checked further and it behaves a little odd so it is reported.

Are there any settings in NCS that allow you to save the raw video feed from the camera to the computer without performing any encoding?

There is no option for that.