Unable to connect 4th camera



I am trying to connect 6 USB-endoscope cameras to one PC using Webcam 7 (free trial).
I have been able to connect exatcly 3 of the 6 cameras with the software but i’m unable to connect the other 3 cameras. It doesn’t matter which of the 6 cameras i connect, there are only 3 of them working. The PC recognizes all 6 of them.
I tried to run one of the cameras over vlc player, but the same problem occured:
If 2 cameras are connected to webcam 7 the 3rd does work with vlc.
If 3 cameras are connected to webcam 7 the 4th doesn’t work with vlc
I also did try using a diffrent camera and connecting the cameras with an USB-hub.
The cameras are displayed as imaging devices in the divice manager and I’m unable to change or identify the ports of each camera.

What is the problem and how can i fix it ?


Hi! For a while ago a user had the same problem with adding several USB cams of the same brand to Netcam Studio. The problem was to differentiate between cams of the same brand. That problem was fixed in Netcam Studio. Since you are using the free trial anyway for the moment can you please download and use Netcam Studio instead and see if it works better there.


Here the problem is different (usually). It’s related to usb bandwidth (or lack of bandwidth to be precise).

It’s recommended to:

  • Never use any USB Hub
  • Never use any extender (just plug the cameras straight to the computer)
  • Ensure each camera is on a different USB Channel (2 ports can be on the same channel)
  • If needed add a cheap PCI Card which will add 4-8 hi-speed usb ports to your computer rather that any other alternative


Hi, thanks for the answers.

I downloaded netcam studio but it seems like there is no trial version and it’s not possible to test everything with the software. There also seems to be no button to capture pictures of all cameras at once.

This seems to be the problem. If the cameras are connected to ports next to each other, there’s only one of them working.
I ordered a PCI Express Card with 4 USB 3.0 ports. I’m not in my company next week, so I’ll test the cameras again in two weeks with the card.


Hi! You can add 2 cameras for free and use the complete program. No limitations. You can add more cameras, but they will have a banner cross the image. Good luck with the PCI card. I remember that to next user.



for future reference:
It is possible to connect more than 3 cameras with an extra pci express usb card. I’ve been able to connect all of my 6 cameras simultaneously. You will need to buy a card with an extra power supply, the card doesn’t receive enough power by the pci slot.

Thanks for the help again!


Thanks for the feedback! Just a question:

  • do you use only the original cable length on the usb-cams or do you use an extension cable to any cam?


Thanks for providing feedback and confirming this :slight_smile:


I don’t use any extensions. I think the original length is about 5m.