Unable to get more than 1 camera to stream/update in Netcam X


Hi, we are having problems getting more than 1 camera to stream in the program/on the server.

Using 4 Logitech C920 cameras. We have gone through all driver updates possible. 3 cameras are hooked up to a laptop via USB 2.0 hub and one on the laptop itself.
Only one camera will update and refresh in the program.
It doesn’t seem like the event log has consistent errors that have anything to do with the problem. We have tried just about all setting
combinations and there seems to be some kind of issue with the software.

Please let us know what can be done.

-Daniel Settlemyre / Lee Von Erck


Hi Daniel,
Netcam Studio focus on IP cameras and unfortunately this is a limitation in the .NET programming language. If USB cameras use the same driver only one of the USB cams will show up or it will be a competition between them. To make this work correct we recommend to use WebcamXP/7 http://www.webcamxp.com/home.aspx that is designed for USB cameras.



Hi Henrik,

We took your advice and went ahead to use WebCam XP instead of Netcam X. We have licenses for both programs.

We are having problems getting the stream to work on an HTML webpage after generating HTML code for MJPEG streams and inserting it into a table on the page. It seems that some browsers work on some devices and some do not. Safari will not load streams. Firefox and another browser on Android will load the streams. Cannot get any streams working on devices using Windows 10 and any browser you pick (chrome, firefox, IE, Edge). What gives? Here is our site, www.von-erck.com and the home page has the streams right on it towards the bottom a ways. Can you tell us if there is a problem with how the HTML is formatted by inspecting it? Hoping to get 4 webcams streaming for users abroad.



Yes, this is tricky and it do not work for all browsers in all OS. That’s why there is the web client.
Where is this from? This is in Win10/Chrome.

In NCS there is a more up-to date HTML generator.



It is hosted with dynamic DNS on pipescams.ddns.net:8100. We can’t get the
web client to load whatsoever except on local network from other devices,
iPad and iPhone can load the web client so local PC firewall is open.
Anything outside of the network won’t load the client page. But some
devices CAN stream from MJPEG on the website so we know port forwarding and
firewalling is OK.

Also we have an issue with the cams timing out, any ideas why? What is NCS?
Is that a different cam hosting program?


Sorry, NCS is Netcam Studio.
-Connecting using the link above the Webcam client loads and I can see all 4 cameras.
-For WebcamXP the web client use port 8080 which you need to open in the router.
-For Netcam Studio the web client use port 8100.
-For cameras timing out. Hm, for USB cameras I am not so sure. Is the computer on a high CPU load? Do not use USB extension cables.