Unable to launch .VBS files when Netcam run as service

Windows 10 64-bit.

To reproduce, use motion or audio trigger in Rules manager to “RunApp” a vbs file. If you run Netcam as a server GUI, then it runs fine. If you run it as a service, the event log claims to run it but the vbs does not actually run. I know it does not run because the VBS has an echo command at the beginning so I know exactly when it runs.

Save the following without quotes as blah.vbs and place in Netcam folder:
“Set objShell = CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)
Wscript.Echo objShell.CurrentDirectory”

In rule manager, create rule that on motion or audio start, Runapp, and set path to "“C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio\blah.vbs” (in my case it is E:\ drive not C). The event log will claim to run the script; however I do not get the output. I know there is no difficulty in finding the VBS file because if I delete the VBS file, I get errors in the event log about not finding the specified file. Instead, the event log shows no errors and shows this “Process wscript started, pid=17360” every time the motion or audio is triggered.

Netcam Studio runs external file as if they are external application (standard .exe) which unfortunately is not possible when running as service. It’s prevented to execute anything this way in this case.