Universal Source - does it work with webcamXP in service mode?

I have opened webcamXP and configured my (ieGeek) IP camera together with the Moonware Universal Source Filter:
Just select RTSP_TCP and enter the URL rtsp://name:pwd@192.168.x.x:554/11. Works fine.

I exit the webcamXP UI and quit the program via the system tray - and I start the webcamXP service (because that’s the mode I want to use).

However, the source is no longer connected. :frowning:
As soon as I stop the service and start the webcamXP HUI again, the source is back on line - without any other action from my side.

Is it possible that the Fllter does not work together with the webcamXP service?
I assume that I have to do some configuration, but I have no idea what and where.
I’d appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance.

Probably because you dont use the same user account when running the service and the non-service version so settings are not passed over.

I will try this right away… — yes, did work. Thank you!

Remark: So, the Filter acts different than webcamXP in that regard (in webcamXP, the settings seem to be stored independent from account, i.e. I save them as admin, and the service running as local system can easily use them).

Anyway, good to know, and now it works. Thanks again!