UOKOO X series IP cam



I have some UOKOO X Series cameras They are WIFI only cams and are ONVIF compatible…

When I browse in Netcam Studio, The cameras are seen in the list but you can’t get a profile out of them.

So I can’t complete the dialog tab for the ONVIF camera.

The cameras are seen in the browse of the Network Camera TAB but since the Brand and Model are not found, that doesn’t work either.




Hi Paul,
Make sure that you have the latest firmware in the camera. ONVIF can be problematic sometimes.
Under the ONVIF tab you get Field 1 filled out?, Enter correct logins in field 2, but then Filed 3 do not show up?
Of cause you are sure about username and password?

You don’t give me the models, but you can try to add them under the tab for Custom URL.
Set stream type tu rtsp_tcp or rtsp_udp
or use live/ch0

ch0 or ch1 will probably give you different resolutions.



The model is X001OF62YT
I will try the custom URL and see if that will work…