Update to on server2019

We are running 12 IPcams with Netcam Studio once the update came i updated.
Now i have the problem that ipcam pictures get frozen or we loose the video of 6 ipcams.
but i can ping the lost ipcams and i can see the live feed with VLC player on the server.

Any suggestions?
Im thinking to reverse the update, but how do i do that without new installation and the hussle to put all settings again?

Many thanks in advance for your help
Regards Matthias

Can we get access to one of these cams for testing?
Is it cams using rtsp or mjpeg?

Dear Henrik
Sure no problem gereatfull for your effort looking into it.
we use rstp_Tcp
rtsp://viewer:thailand@ to 231 and
all are pingable and with VLC player playable

night and black is the frozen cams bright is the running ones
What kind of access you need?
Admin login for netcamstudio or VNC?
What time you like to access?
How i send you the login without everyone else on the forum can see?

Test this. Go to Settings -> Decoding and increase the Decoding buffer. Save and Restart NCS and see if that works better.