Updated Documentation

Is there updated documentation around for the current release? I am trying to understand the record settings, but can’t find any documentation on them.

Sorry, no. It’s a work in progress. Ask and I will explain.

I am specifically trying to learn about these settings…


In playing with them, I find that the video ranges from perfect but 20 seconds = 200MB or I get smaller videos, but people seem to transport through the video jumping 3-4 feet every second, like there are 100’s of dropped frames. I am trying to find a balance between perfect 1080p video and a person walking up my front walk, but I only see him in 12 frames. :slight_smile:

This is very much dependent on how powerful the processor is. So trial and error is good.

However, recommended is Preset=Superfast, FPS is usually quite good with 10 FPS.
If you have many high-res cams you might need more threads to make a good video. So go to


If you have a licensed version you can enable Multi Threading that will give better result.