[Updated Version] CPVAN 1080P Outdoor Security Camera, IP66 Waterproof WiFi Bullet Camera, Wireless IP Camera System with 82ft Night Vision,Two Way Audio, Motion Detection, Ideal for Home/Office/Store

Hi i have the above camera but cant conect to the studio

please can you help

This csmera https://www.amazon.co.uk/CPVAN-Security-Waterproof-Wireless-Detection/dp/B07G95KK35?

According to the specifications it support the ONVIF standard. So when you add the camera use the tab for ONVIF Source.


Hi Henrik

thanks for your response, i have tried using the onvif source tab and nothing seems to work but thank you.

Searching on this camera gives that it is problems with connecting with onvif. Question is what is not working, where in the process?
-I recommend to use the latest firmware in the camera.
-download ONVIF Device Manager and see if the camera connects.
-there you can get the URL rtsp://xxxxxxxx that you can use in the tab for Custom URL.

I found these URL for this camera.
MAIN rtsp://<IP>:554/11
VICE rtsp://<IP>:554/12
Phone rtsp://<IP>:554/13

In the tab for Custom URL set stream type to rtsp_tcp.
Address is
Use 11 or 12 or 13 depending on resolution.

Please report back how it goes.


how many devices can I connect to the camera

Sorry, but donĀ“t understand the question.

how many phones can I connect to CPVAN CAMERA or am I the only person who can connect

I am not an expert on that camera, but usually it is a single stream camera meaning that only one phone at a time. Most likely you can connect one or two more phones, but the stream can jump in time etc. Best way is to test.