Upgrade license

I just went through the whole debacle of changing my licence from 4 to 16 camera’s. I read on this forum that a lot of customers are not happy with it. I just bite the bullet and bought the 16 camera one. Now the issue is how do I actually update the license. I cannot find anything in the program???


Never mind find how to do this by searching through the posts. You have to delete the lic.dat file so the product becomes unlicensed. So now you can enter the new license.

BTW I did get a refund for the 4 license after switching to the 16.


Well, it´s Valentine’s Day today so we need to be extra nice to our customers :slight_smile:

It was very much appreciated :grinning:
Everything is up and running now with 9 camera’s and all seems to be running well.


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