Upgrade to v1.5.2.0 causing recording issues


Since downloading the update yesterday, i have had several issues, some of them I have sorted myself, however, I cannot get motion detection to work on my two cameras.

The record button works fine and saves the recordings but motion detection refuses to do anything despite me changing the schedule, threshold, etc. I can move the camera and get the red bar to display but still no recording.

Also, I fail to see how when you update the software, the previous settings are not carried across during the update? I have had to manually set the IP addresses again and other functions?

Thanks in anticipation.


Hi David,
Go to the Rules and make sure that these rules are enabled by default.

The settings of the cameras should come along even if you must save them again, but other settings might not …

Thanks Henrik,

Sorted now!


Excellent. A lot of things happened during the upgrade. If you have more problems I would recommend to uninstall using the installation program and install again. Settings, camera configuration, Library etc are kept in this process.

OK Will do.

Thank you.