Upgraded webcam 7 pro. New RTSP filter, where?

Installed/updated webcam 7 pro. How do I get the new NCS-/like rtsp filter? I only get the old one.

You don’t really see it excepted if you use GraphEdit or similar Directshow tools.

However if you use a RTSP source then it will automatically use the new one.

You can ensure that you have the new one in GraphEdit its name is now Moonware RTSP Capture Filter, the previous one was Moonware RTSP Filter

Or by checking in the webcam7\RTSP Folder, you should have a file named : Moonware.RTSP.Filter.dll which is the new 4.x version

You will not find this file in Netcam Studio because it’s directly embedded within Netcam Studio (and netcam studio doesn’t even use directshow or a filter for this to be even faster by avoiding the extra layer of Directshow however then the code is stricly identical since it’s the same and both rely on my Moonware.FFMPEG library)

OK, thanks. I see the new dll file. I was a little confused since the new filter was displayed together with webcam 7 on the website.

On the website as separate download, it’s only the old JPEG/MJPEG filter which is available. I was thinking about packaging this one as well but it’s not a priority for now :slight_smile: