User Visibility Problem


Whenever someone connects - this is the response.

I have tested on my cell and been on the phone with someone who has tested from offsite. The stream is working and continues to work, but the user/viewers don’t register for more than a half second.

Are there additional ports that are required to monitor external views? Additionally, is there a variable (similar to Webcam XP) to show the number of connected viewers (ie: $connected in old versions)?



Hi Mark,
If the source is not used for anything in NCS it will go to inactivity to save cpu power and energy. If you start for example motion detection on a source it will run all the time. I don´t understand the difference between stream is working and user/viewers don´t register.
Ports 8100, 8120 and 8124 are used. 8100 for the http commands (web client, App) and 8120 and 8124 for Windows client.
Variable for connected user: not what I know about. In the veb client there is a Connected Users in the menu. Maybe you can figure something out from that.