Using custom codec / options to encode in .mp4 / x264 / x265 to save space / bandwidth

How would I customize the program / is there an option to use higher compression algorithms to save space providing i have the cpu power to do so …Is this an option that will be released in netcam studio version 2.0

are these not contained within the free in vlc packages anyways

Netcam studio already has a slider for frames and compression I know but that uses old large bloated codecs .designed to run/ support on any old slow hardware

Thanks for input and questions. We are following what´s going on with computer and IP camera hardware. We want to stay in the same segment to keep it simple and also have a reasonable pricing. The trend is increased resolution and with that comes x265. All that need more cpu power which is costly. I don´t see that bandwidth and disk space is problematic. However, an interesting question is that do one really need a six megapixel camera for the job? Yes it´s cheap, but …
A lot of interesting things and trends going on so we´ll see were we end up.

Bandwidth and disk space is problematic in my case because i am using your software on 3 company servers / building recording over 100 cameras at a time : D it is very very stable and almost never crashes due to software/ programming its always the hardware …

to give an example it takes me over a week to copy all the company video data motions detection only and back it up due to to its size
and lack of compression options … so being able to compress the video data even more as an option x265 Is much appreciated I dont see how that would effect the pricing much including the x265 codec or could offer it as a paid enhancement . option

an another note I would really like to have more then a 4 x 4 camera grid option in the main netcam studio client … i know in the browser client it supports many more rows at a time …but the netcam studio browser connection always times out eventually and asks for credentials…

I also have issues connecting to the netcam studio server as a client when hosted on windows 2019
but no problems connecting via browser to the 2019 server …i believe some ports are blocked or there are some hidden security setting blocking somewhere …
have you tested / certified netcam studio for windows 2019 server ? does the new netcam studio 2.0 work / been tested on windows 2019 server …I have been a beta software tester for you before and have a good testing environment with 100s of older / newer cameras and your software is the only way i can combine them together

Thanks for your feedback and very interesting reading!
That was an impressive installation and I certainly understand the need for increased compression. My “best” installation in production runs on a HP server with Server2008R2. It has never been down during five years. Only been down for maintenance and upgrades of NCS. So I certainly agree!
For custom design or viewing of more cameras at the same time several users have made their own web page with embedded html code for the videos. If you use the html code for automatic refresh of the page after about 30 minutes it will continue to stream without interruption.
For Win server only up to Server 2012 is officially approved. However, many users including myself use WIn Server 2016 and now 2019 even running on 2016 Server core is running well. However, the feature Media Foundation should be enabled for NCS to run properly.
For the WIn Client ports 8100, 8120 and 8124 must be available. I run server2019 and do not have any problems. If you can describe a little bit more what happens and when I can try to recreate the situation.